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MATRIX System™ (software version 1/1.0)

We sought the input of experienced medical practitioners and combined their ideas with advanced technology, resulting in a carefully planned and state-of-the-art medical pain management system designed for physicians.

The MATRIX System is user friendly and is programmed to deliver the precise dosage to treat your pain patients with the push of a button. Dynamic medical specialties, like Clinical Pain Management, have seen a significant change in their therapeutic approach over the past decade by implementing this technology.

The MATRIX System has 40 computer-assisted programs with the most advanced technology using specific pre-programmed software algorithms to bioelectrically trigger 3 different physiological mechanisms of actions. Frequency ranges from .01-250 pps,(with the ability to effect the nerves by stimulating or facilitating), but also using a High Definition frequency generator (HDfg)™ that can produce much higher frequencies (or pulses per second) from 5,000 pps, 8,300 pps to as high as 10,000 pps to inhibit (interrupt) the pain signals.


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